iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 do I need to wait iPhone 8 instead of buying Samsung Galaxy S8


Currently on the market, two major phones are the most popular the one iPhone 7 launched on September 7, 2016, and another Galaxy S8 launched on March 29th, 2017. However, iPhone 8 isn’t out yet but is it worth to wait for iPhone 8 instead of buying Galaxy S8 phone?

      The answer is obviously yes, let’s give The Benefit of The Doubt and assume upcoming phone to have more advanced technology and user-friendly functions.

   But, it means Galaxy S8 is not worth of buying, in my personal experience buying Galaxy S8 is better because of time gap and it’s coolest features that may not available on iPhone 8.

     Previous time also before the launch of iPhone 7 there was a rumor the phone to have an edge to edge Super AMOLED display like Samsung but testify iPhone lovers, Apple didn’t’ bring this technology on iPhone 7.


Why is Samsung Galaxy S8 your choice?

Probably the Samsung is the first major flagship brand who introduced IRIS scanning technology on a tiny device. The phone, S8 has IRIS scanner as well as face recognition technology. Well, face recognition technology isn’t coolest features because it can happen while modifying software, but here real deal is IRIS scanner.

       The IRIS scanner is hardware accelerated technology, Samsung has put it inside the phone. This is considered to be the most secure security technology on earth. So, iPhone 8 is still doubted to have IRIS scanning technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has 12-Megapixel dual focus pixel camera which helps to take Bokeh photo 

image taken by Galaxy S8 (bokeh effect)

Image taken by Galaxy S8 (bokeh effect)

      The Samsung Galaxy S8 phone has bigger and better display than Apple’s LCD display technology. Super AMOLED display with WQHD+ resolution produces vibrant and accurate color than the Apple phone’s LCD display.

    Now, on S8 and S8+ Samsung has introduced HDR technology which we found on expensive Smart Television. So, the S8 display is better, robust and more accurate.

     The Bluetooth 5.0 technology on S8 makes it even superior to other phones. We still don’t know, whether Apple is going to adapt this tech on iPhone 8 but Samsung has already put it on the S8 device. The 5.0 carries more data 4-fold the distance of Bluetooth 4.0.

      The S8 has 5.8-inch and S8+ has a 6.2-inch display but body are similar to its predecessor S7 and S7 Edge. Even the display are bigger because of Samsung Infinite display technology the phone isn’t bigger. In another hand, Apple barely changes its phone’s design, so there’s no guarantee that Apple will put the similar display on iPhone 8.

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