Samsung Galaxy S8 best deal on T-Mobile


Most of the time popular flagship device is not cheap that we think about reach, but Samsung and T-Mobile have done a remarkable job offering Buy-Two-Get-One on $750 Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

     The deal will be a major deduction that is ever offered in such ways, where when you buy two new Galaxy S8 phones you will get $750 of rebate from the maker of S8,  Samsung. To do this, after buying two phones you have to activate it on T-Mobile sim card within 10 days then you will be eligible to get $750 voucher from Samsung.

    In addition, after you get S8 activated with T-Mobile, you are eligible to get Galaxy S8 Entertainment Kits from Samsung, the kit includes 64GB SD memory card for S8 and free Netflix membership for up to 6 months, the regular Netflix monthly subscription price is $10. The total value of $170 you will claim from Samsung. The ”Netflix free use for 6 Months” is offered for existing customers as well.

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

     If you don’t want to spend $1,500 on two Galaxys you can have them through a partial-payment plan where you will have to pay $62.5 every month for 24 months. This deal comes with 0% interest, you will pay $1,500 in two years which sounds not bad. Either way on cash or installment you can have three phones after purchasing two new S8 Samsung Smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung launched Galaxy S8 on 29th March 2017, the phone is the first Samsung cell to have HDR display for better video quality. In, addition, Galaxy S8 offers 12-Megpaixel fast focus camera and 8-Megpaixel front facing wide-angle camera. The Galaxy S8 has Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, Heart-Rate monitor and WQHD+ display. The main changes on S8 over s7 is its 5.8-inch large display which is edgeless Super AMOLED display that is not easily seen on other phones.


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