Samsung Galaxy S8: latest Galaxy S8 features and rumors


Samsung Galaxy S8 a will be a dominant Smartphone of 2017: Galaxy S8 features and rumors

In 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 dominated all flagship smartphones even beating iPhone 6 and 6s Plus sale. However, After the release of Note 7, the phone became instant famous despite its battery problem, in just two weeks Samsung had sold over 2 million of Note 7.

       Samsung is doing a lot exercise to make Galaxy S7 better so it can forfeit losses caused by the Note 7. There is a lot of time to see Samsung Galaxy S8 in the market, but rumors are already circulating about its design and specifications. Here are Great Features that Galaxy S8 will have;

Galaxy S8: with Bluetooth 5.0

You probably heard an announcement of Bluetooth 5.0, which is already being used by some companies and is faster and transfers more data than before. Samsung Galaxy S8’s one of the best features is Bluetooth 5.0, with it the Galaxy S8 Bluetooth can reach a speed of 2MBPS, and it can cover four times the distance than the Galaxy S7 Bluetooth. You can listen to music in the kitchen meanwhile leaving your Galaxy S8 on the corner of your home.


Galaxy S8: IRIS scan and Fingerprint Sensor

Some rumors suggest that the new flagship will have IRIS scanner on the front and fingerprint sensor on the back, however, the Galaxy S8 do come with IRIS scanner alongside fingerprint sensor. The infrared fingerprint sensor is sophisticated than the optical fingerprint sensor. So, the Galaxy S8 will have infrared fingerprint sensor which is durable and precise than the optical fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy S8: Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming with an Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor which is built by Qualcomm in Collaboration with Samsung. The Snapdragon 835 Chip is based on Samsung 10nm architect, taking advantages of this nano-scale facility, Qualcomm has packed more power on 835 chip. So, with this chip, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will perform 3 times better than the Galaxy S7.


Galaxy S8: Harman Stereo Speaker

Why Harman Stereo Speaker on Galaxy S8? Well, you probably didn’t hear the news about Samsung’s acquisition of Harman Company, the company makes audio interference and systems on the car and make audio equipment. According to the Samsung, ‘’Acquisition of Harman will boost Samsung’s approach comprehensive in making car audio interference’’. Some media were assuming, with this purchase Samsung is jumping to make automobile but in fact, Samsung told it wants to be a leading supplier for auto-interference.


What features makes s8 the best smartphone in the world?

 Probably you have heard about retina scanner of note 7, the same technology on s8 will make s8 even better than other. The newly improved scanner is reliable and quick. Samsung is going to put virtual assistant on s8, that will make s8 an advanced smartphone.  Furthermore, the phone is going to come with 8GB of DDR4 random access memory (RAM) for multitasking. the s7 had only 4GB of RAM, but s8 has 8GB of RAM so it will give s8 more power to handle any kind of heavy apps, games. 

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