Samsung Galaxy S8 release date and Specs


Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

We are all waiting for the most beautiful smartphone which is being delivered by South Korean technology giant Samsung. The phone was initially thought about to be seen at MWC event in Barcelona. Samsung indeed launched two products except the most popular s8 phone, the company later Said Galaxy S8 release date in March 29th in New Work.


Why Samsung delayed Launch?

Some rumors say the company is going in deep crisis because of its Note 7 disaster, though, Samsung did what reputed company need to do, recalling all Note 7 phones for public safety. The company wants to bring people a safe and stylish smartphone, that is one reason behind delay on the launch of s8 phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most advanced and it is believed to be a game changer. This phone needs to be changed a lot than its predecessor s7, that is another cause the phone is coming on March 29.


What are the features that will make S8 a Superior Smartphone?

Samsung is reputed in chip making; Qualcomm also accepted it making its chip at Samsung’s 10NM technology. The Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has Qualcomm 835 chip inside which is based on a 10-nanometer architect. And there are many factors that make S8 an advanced and robust phone compared with other available in the market.

Here are Some advanced tech that can be worth purchasing S8

Bluetooth 5.0 –

The Bluetooth 5.0 is another achievement of us, it invented in late 2016 and now Sony has already adopted this tech on its latest Xperia XZ smartphone. Bluetooth 5.0 is faster, reliable and more convenient. The Galaxy S8 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which can send data up to 2MBPS four times farther than before.

Bluetooth 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S8

Fingerprint Sensor and IRIS scanner:

The fingerprint sensor and IRIS scanner were almost out of reach for public. Thanks to the advancement in mobile technology that squeezed this tech in a tiny device. Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus both has a fingerprint sensor and IRIS scanning tech. The IRIS scanning tech also does the same job but it is more secure than the fingerprint sensor. Now your eye can unlock and purchase apps with IRIS tech.


Other essential sensors

Samsung Galaxy S8 has GPS, now it supports more GPS satellite like Russian GLONASS and Chinese BEIDOU, more GPS satellite gives this phone an ability to pinpoint an exact location. You can use this phone’s GPS for driving direction and find your friends location.

Other cool sensors heart rate monitor and barometer both are important for us. Our heart rate shows the condition about our health. This tiny S8 smartphone can now measure your exact heart beat and gives you signal if you are having trouble. In another hand, the barometer is essential to measure the pressure of air, this is usable when you are traveling hilly area. With this tech, some app makers have made altitude meter that can measure height.

Here are Some cool Specs of Galaxy S8

Rear Camera: 12-Megapixel

Front Camera: 8-Megapixel

Battery: 3000mAh

Sim: Dual Nano Sim

Memory Support: Micro SD supports up to 1TB

Quick Charge: Yes, Quick Charge 4.0

Fingerprint Sensor: Yes, twice faster than S7

IRIS scanner: Yes

Screen Size: 5.8-inch (S8) , 6.2-inch (S8 Plus)

Display Resolution: Full HD+ (default), + QHD+ From Setting

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Smartphone

Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Smartphone

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