Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone is the best phone of 2017


Can Galaxy S8 win consumer’s heart with its Virtue?

Samsung Launched the brand new ‘’Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+’’ Smartphones on 29th March 2017 calling farewell to the stylish ‘’Edge’’ version. The phone is way good in many aspects like Display, Camera, and Connectivity. 

      The most awaited phone was expected to be launched at MWC (Mobile World Congress) event in Barcelona, Spain but South Korean giant ‘’Samsung’’ took almost one month more to ensure phone’s safety and security, in a result, we have now emerged and versatile phone that is way better and reliable than before.


Why is Galaxy S8 different than other Smartphone?

The phone comes with all technologies that are available in 2017. Its advanced IRIS scanning technology which is near the face time camera recognizes user’s eye to execute tasks like unlock, hide important files etc.

      Samsung has introduced this technology on the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 phone. Though, this time Samsung has put an extra security module ‘’face recognition’’ which unlocks phone recognizing user’s face. These are the fact Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are the best phones.


Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth is a wireless technology and it helps to listen to music or transfer date wirelessly, Galaxy S8 and S8+ both are packed with Bluetooth 5.0 technology which is fourfold faster than the previous 4.0 Bluetooth version. The 5.0 can cover up to four times the distance and carry 2MBPS data to the farthest corner of your home or office. So you never need to worry about the weak Bluetooth signal.


Bigger Super AMOLED display

The S8 and S8+ have 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch display respectively. Samsung did a little change to make S8’s display bigger while maintaining the same body size to the previous S7. The phone’s fingerprint sensor are shifted on its back and there is an invisible home button on the front panel.

    The both phones have curved glass on both sides in symmetric design that we were seeing on Edge version flagship phone. In addition, the display has WQHD+ resolution with HDR (High Dynamic Range) feature found on Samsung Smart Television.

super amoled display galaxy s8


The S8 location sensor supports both the Russian satellites and Chinese satellite including the US one to provide an exact location. In addition, the phone has Quick Charge 3.0 that fills battery quicker than the normal power adapter available on the market.

     You can connect USB Type-C cable for charging and date transfer purpose. The good news is, Samsung has still kept 3.5mm headphone socket on these phone which Apple ditched on its iPhone 7 smartphone. Now the S8’s wifi covers more area to give better reception as well as improved NFC supports Samsung to pay.


These are the benefits of having S8 and S8+ if you have any thought please comment below:


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