War continues between Android,iOS and Windows


Nokia’s Symbian mobile operating system became history, the software was used on discontinued Nokia N70 and other affordable mobiles. The tough competition between Android and Apple hit Nokia hard in result Nokia had to close its business.

       Now,  three major mobile operating system that is widely being used those are Android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows Mobile OS. Microsoft mobile OS can’t die thanks to the majority PC users who are adapting this software but Nokia suffered because of wrong decision choosing Microsoft Windows instead of Android.

       In 2015-16 there was 86.6 percent Android users compared to Apple over 10 percent. The Android is made by Google and it is being used on cheap and expensive both smartphones but Apple uses IOS only on expensive iPhone and iPad this is the cause that Apple has a fewer market share over Android.



According to the new study around 99.9 percent hacking, and malware is made targeting an Android OS. Apple still seems most secure software comparing with Android and Windows. Even though Apple’s market grip is little loose, many users have expressed about its reliability and feasibility use of iOS interface.

      In another hand, the Windows is growing like Tortoise,  Microsoft has been using Windows OS on its Lumia smartphone and Some Samsung, LG and HTC smartphone runs on Windows operating system.


Which is better?

If you are going to going to purchase low budget high-end smartphone then you can go for Android the choice could be Samsung Galaxy J3 or A3, but to use Apple iOS, you have to pay over $600 for the latest iPhone 7. If you choose Android you have hundreds of mobile in a selection from mid-range to an expensive one. The latest Galaxy S8 runs on Android with better display and better interference, this can be your choice if you want an expensive Android-based smartphone that directly challenges Apple iPhone 7.



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