Nokia’s toughest 3310 mobile phone to be re-launched


You will be surprised to hear that the old Nokia 3310 is going to be launched again. The Nokia´s most durable and toughest handset contains just some basic features like pick up call and plays snake games. In its time the phone was the most popular and still even after 17 years, some of its fans are continuing this phone as their major handsets.

        The Nokia 3310 came on the market in 2000 and provides just a basic functionality. The main reason behind its popularity in today´s high-end smartphone-dominated market is its battery life, which you don´t need to charge for up to 4-5 days. Another advantage of having this phone is the device is lighter, portable and rugged. Even you accidently dropped it over the concrete the phone stands tough or you lost accidently there´s no need to regret because of its price.


 Nokia is back

While HMD Global has taken all responsibilities to make smartphone and distribution in the world, and new Nokia handsets will be manufactured in Foxconn factory. Already Nokia has offered flash sale which brought huge sales showing people´s affection towards Nokia handsets. Though, it is expected that the new Nokia Handsets are to be seen in the Mobile World Congress Barcelona. We need to wait just a couple of week to see Nokia again. 


Why people think Nokia 3310 the toughest phone ever made

Even though the handset can’t challenge available touch screen phones many people consider the legend 3310 stands tough in any environment, in a picture below you can see fan made a picture where special SWAT forces are using Nokia top open locked door. This is just a picture but in fact, 3310 is a legend handset people have ever tasted.

Swat forces using tough Nokia 3310 to open door


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