Samsung S8 specs, price and rumors


Samsung is about to launch new and the most famous smartphone ‘Galaxy S8’ in March 2017. And already lots of rumors and expectations are coming in the news. The s8  rumors are on the horizon, lots of news and media are publishing new features and specifications of Samsung’s major phone. So, investigating all rumors and suggestion from all around the web, here are some reliable information about the most anticipated phone Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung S8 Specifications

We believe, Samsung will build s8 smartphone beautifully and the phone will definitely be curved like its ancestors. Already S7 Edge phone has won the best phone of the year 2016. There is no doubt the new cell from South Korean Giant will be hit in the market. The Korean company is best known for making Super AMOLED display for the phone recently published its advertising, which features a strange and bizarre smartphone, we believe the phone gives some glimpse of upcoming Samsung S8 phone.

Rear Camera: 12-Megapixel

Front Camera: 8-Megapixel

Display: 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch (Super AMOLED Edgeless)

     On the video, Samsung has displayed a new smartphone which is never seen before. On the front panel, the display has covered over 83 percent of the front side and Samsung also revealed more battery friendly display on that adverts. So, investigating this video, we can assume the s8 which first appearing at MWC event in Barcelona will have better power friendly Super AMOLED display with at least WQHD+ resolution.

Qualcomm 835 with 4GB RAM on Samsung Galaxy 8

Rumors says the phone is coming in 4GB RAM and Snapdragon Quad Core processor. The latest and fastest processor made by Qualcomm on Samsung’s 10nm technology has more transistors to make it the powerful chip. To accompany this chip, the s8 will come with 4GB memory that gives more power to individual apps launching and running smoothly.


Bluetooth rumors on S8

The previous galaxy phone had Bluetooth 4.2 but as according to the rumors, the coming phone might show off Bluetooth 5.0 for the first time. The wireless communication method, Bluetooth which is four times faster than the 4.0 and it carries over twice the data than its predecessor.


Price of Samsung smartphone Galaxy S8

The Price is not yet revealed, but Samsung is as usual maintaining price of its smartphone as its previous phone. When the company launched the S7 it had a price tag of around $700, so the s8 price will be also around it. In the USA, it is expected to cost $750. But price may vary depending on dollars’ fluctuation.

Below the Video shows mysterious phone that could be the awaited Galaxy S8-